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Does animal consumption affect your spirituality?


As a child growing up in a ‘religious home, eating the flesh of animals and using their ‘leftover’ body parts for needless reasons, was just the norm, it was ‘a way of life.’

It is not something that was ever  a topic of discussion, it was just simply food & other supplies.

But I went to Sunday School and they taught me about ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’ and how we are supposed to be kind to each other, that killing is wrong.

Like so many others, I never made the connection that the animals on my plate, had actually been someone and not something.

But years later, in my early teens, my  mom showed me the new fur coat my step-dad had bought her. By this time, I was  aware that these animals, like my cats and dogs …. like me, would cry out if they felt pain; I knew they had a central nervous system, and that they could experience fear, joy, even anger and love (although many people would say that animals were  incapable of love), I knew it to be true that they could.

I had heard of mink farms and what happened to the animals there.  I decide to voice my opinion of my mom’s new coat and open up a ‘discussion’ about what happens to the animals,  how many, if not all, are skinned alive, how they live in their own filth in tiny cages,  that tear up their little feet.  My comments, opinion and fact sharing was not received well, I was harshly punished and didn’t dare speak another word about it as a child.

But being forced to continue to go to Sunday school throughout my childhood, I kept hearing how we must be kind and we must not harm or kill.

As an adult, I completely walked away from religion as a whole, and it took me some time to come into my own spirituality, discovering and growing in my own understanding of my Creator, listening to my own instincts, I discovered my spiritual path right about the same time that I went vegetarian; I’ve never considered this a coincidence, as I went vegetarian upon learning the truth about factory farmed animals.

Beginning to see these animals as equals and not inferior or beneath me, created different, but equal.

As I grew in my spirituality, my awareness about animals, animal agriculture, etc., also expanded and grew and greatly nurtured my spiritual growth.

Vegan animal sanctuaries were key in my awakening to veganism and yoga was my doorway to my spiritual journey.

But much like the religion I grew up with, I see so much hypocrisy in the world of spirituality.

I sit in yoga classes where we are taught of kindness and compassion to honor the earth our Creator has made for us, to honor all he has made. These things affect our karma. I hear how we are all one, every living thing is connected. And I look around those classrooms and see a good majority of my fellow yogis sitting upon the skin of innocent sheep, leaving their animal skin shoes and boots in the shoe cubby in the lobby. Not to mention the tusks of elephants in the Gurdwara’s encompassing the Living Word.

I once had a conversation with one of the older teachers about the yogi’s consumption of dairy and the horrendous cruelty behind dairy farming. She eventually just became very frustrated with me and said (not quoted) We do it this way, because this is how our master teacher said it should be!

Basically, this is how it’s always been, so its how it should always be.

Other spiritual teachers/guides write books, give public speeches on kindness and compassion while they, themselves consume and use the flesh and bodily secretions of abused and tortured animals.

I have often heard it quoted that “You are what you eat“ If this is true, and I believe it to be so, then when we eat/consume the body parts, flesh and secretions from other  living beings, we are consuming torture, fear, grief, violence, trauma, etc… and then we in turn become that, then wonder why we live in such a violent, non-compassionate, world, why there is so much war, murder, rape and exploitation

It is the Law of Attraction. We are getting back what we are putting out.

Languishing in raising and murdering animals for the past 8,000 years, humans have become a desperately violent, subhuman species, where the concepts of higher destiny and expanded consciousness have vanished. Now, in this distorted and corrupted psyche, humans are able to kill in mass numbers without any conscience. This must shift, or the environment will kill off the humans like a virus. Humans are vegan by nature, and it must begin again now. It will take a while, but if humans wait to be violently forced into this by the cycles of disaster, it will definitely be too late.”

~Guru Singh