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5 Ways to Peacefully Protest Super Bowl Food


The Super Bowl is another fun American holiday that typically is difficult for vegans. It is coming up and you are thinking, what can I do to make an impact but enjoy the Super Bowl at the same time?

  1. Host your own vegan Super Bowl. Hosting events is a great way to introduce friends and family to a vegan lifestyle with some good vegan seven-layer dip to creating a discussion of why you would eat this way for the Super Bowl. Check out these AMAZING 40 vegan Super Bowl Recipes from Vegan Richa! 
  2. Bring vegan food to a Super Bowl event. Politely say “no thanks” to non-vegan food and say why in a kind way. Then introduce friends and family to the delicious vegan food you brought.
  3. Leave every time a commercial comes on that supports the animal product industry. Every time you leave people will notice and you can kindly explain that these commercials are upsetting and set up a discussion abut how cruel the animal product industry is.
  4. Have a moment of silence or a small vigil for the animals that are on your friends and families plates. It can be silent or out loud, but try to keep it peaceful. A good example of this is saying “I am saddened by the lives of animals that were lost for this day, and I hope we do better in the future.”
  5. Share the PETA commercial and other commercials that support a peaceful vegan lifestyle with family members. Watch those during the Super Bowl commercials and see if family or friends may want to watch them too.

Let’s make change this holiday that most of us dread into something of action and hope!