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Why Veganism Should Be at the Women’s March


I recently posted a picture from the 2018 Womens March in an online vegan group. It was a woman holding a sign that read, “To Be a Feminist is to be Vegan” the ‘V’ creatively formed by a drawing of a uterus & fallopian tube‘s. A chicken, a cow and a pig with the blurbs above them, stating, “Me Too”.

Most of the responses were what I would expect in a vegan group, people absolutely loved it, some people had never made the connection until they saw this post. But to my surprise, there were a few people who were offended by it. Some stated we should not be pushing two causes into one. That it clouds what’s happening to the animals. Wow! I certainly wasn’t expecting that response! Then I learned of a term I had not heard of before, TERF, meaning Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist.
Their argument was not every woman has a uterus.

I was so grateful to have an open dialogue to hear people’s concerns, frustrations and anger …. to see mostly, how many people were open to discussing and debating without criticizing and condemning each other.

I felt a strong sense of coming together, of community. And while I greatly appreciate each group individually and collectively, my views remain strong regarding feminism going hand in hand with veganism.

We, as women …. As people, cannot demand equal and fair treatment as we stand upon the backs of the most oppressed and vulnerable of us all.

The females of factory farming are brutally raped and forcibly impregnated, repeatedly, only to have their babies stolen from them at birth, so humans can steal the milk meant for their babies. And then they start the whole process over again. They keep repeating it until they can produce no more babies or milk, then they are shipped off to slaughter so the industry can get every last bit of profit they possibly can make off of her body. The males are treated no differently. The ones who are allowed to live for a while, are also forcibly raped & then sent to an early death. Most are killed within days of being born ….. for the veal industry….and this is only the cows.

And that’s just a day in the life of a factory farmed animal. It doesn’t even touch on the countless documented cases of severe abuse (beatings, prodding’s, etc.) and neglect.

Yes. I see these times as times of waking, women/femine rising…. But when we stand for one woman, we must stand for them all!