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Anonymous for the Voiceless is Coming to San Diego!


Get ready San Diegans and animal lovers, internationally known activist group Anonymous for the Voiceless is bringing their activism ‘Cube of Truth’ to sunny SoCal. With the critically acclaimed Netflix documentary What the Health taking America by storm, this group looks to continue and expand the truth that the powerful meat and dairy companies have been so successful at hiding from us for so long. This animal rights group focuses on highly effective street activism to bring awareness and spread their message. Members of the group, which is open to join by any vegan, stand in a cube formation holding either a sign or a laptop. Each member is dressed in black attire and wears a mask to remain anonymous and silent. This is done to mimic the animal’s lack of voice within these industries and how they are seen in today’s society- a being with no identity. On the outside of the ‘Cube’, outreach members seek to employ direct action by creating discussions with bystanders who take interest in the videos being played.

The group as a whole takes an abolitionist stance on animal exploitation meaning their ultimate goal is to allow all sentient beings the right to live a free and full life without any exploitation by humans. The members look to educate everyday people walking by on common industry practices and the lack of ethics behind it. The footage shows that organic or free range does not mean what you have been told it means. This peaceful and positive demonstration will allow the citizens of San Diego the chance to see first-hand where their animal products and food really come from. It encourages them to be fully conscious of their actions and question if they want to continue to support such industries.  Almost everyone they talk to is against animal cruelty and truly believes they are animal lovers, but have not yet been able to align those morals with their day to day actions and choices.  This group seeks to start to help the people of San Diego bridge the process of making the connection between the individual of an animal and the final result, often being reduced to food on a plate.  Bystanders will have the chance to view the video footage and discuss what they see with the welcoming and knowledgeable outreach members of the ‘Voiceless’ group.

San Diego is known for their animal loving nature and their healthy lifestyle; many are simply unaware of the cruel and inhumane practices going on in these industries, as well as the health and environmental impacts it is having. It is being shown now with robust scientific studies that a whole foods plant-based diet void of all animal products can minimize and, often, eliminate disease that meat and dairy have been recently proven to contribute to. Luckily choosing a healthier lifestyle of compassion and awareness has never been easier.  New plant based eateries and products are popping up worldwide and gaining shelf space at almost every grocery store.  This trend has seen incredible growth in the past few years and doesn’t look to be stopping due to the real life results they produce on people’s health and wellness.  With helpful documentaries and an increase in general knowledge by professionals and everyday people, there has never been an easier time to strongly consider removing animals products from your diet and lifestyle.  Not only will you no longer partake in the unnecessary harming of animals, you will also most likely feel better health-wise as well.

The Anonymous for the Voiceless group started less than two years ago in Australia and already has groups in over 56 countries and 376 cities.  The group is experiencing rapid growth due to the incredible results they are producing.  Don’t be surprised if you are walking down the street and see a group in cube formation silently holding laptops and signs marked Truth.  They are on your side, incredibly welcoming and just looking to help.  So don’t be afraid to take a look at the video footage and say hello to an outreach member.  Who knows, you might be the one holding a laptop in that group in the near future!