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New Pledge Promotes Change and Peace Through Food


When I first went vegan the toughest thing for me was telling others.

As I got  deeper into animal rights it got tougher to be around animal flesh and

Then I found The Liberation Pledge and The Liberation Pledge
Support group on Facebook. Until I was able to be honest with myself and with
others just about every meal with friends and family was very troubling. I didn’t’
have the courage or know how to say it without the feeling I was going to get a
lot of negativity. Once I put it in writing and explained myself friends and family
couldn’t argue with my decision. The Liberation Pledge is a tool that allows us
avoid tough situations where non human flesh or secretions will be served and
keeps us from blaming the host. Below is the letter I wrote to my friends and
family so they will know why I don’t sit at the table if flesh or animal secretions
are being consumes and know how they can sit with me and enjoy a meal. Feel
free to write your own letter using anything I have written based on your own
feelings and journey.

December 23, 2015

Re: The Liberation Pledge

Dear Family and Friends:
So everyone knows I am vegan. That means besides meat I also don’t eat
eggs, dairy, or anything made with these products. My journey started with a
summer job that, in passing, I witnessed a calf get loose on a veal farm and
experience the ability to move around and play for the first time. Why someone
would treat any animal that horribly and without respect caused me to
immediately go vegetarian.
Then on March 22nd of 2015 I had an extremely special opportunity to visit
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary in Deertrail, Colorado about an hour east of Denver.
I was able to hug cows, cat, chickens, llamas, goats, and sheep. They were
some of the sweetest animals and most had PTSD from being former food
animals. I became vegan not for dietary reasons but for the animals because
food animals are treated as slaves and objects with zero compassion or
Recently, I took The Liberation Pledge ( In
summary, this pledge means that I will not sit at a table where any meat is being
served or eaten. As long as holiday gatherings are centered on meat I can no
longer attend. It hurts and pains me to see any animal treated any less than I
would treat my own pets.
I have no intention to disrespect or offend any of you. I enjoy every moment I
get to spend with you. I just can’t treat any animal with any less respect that I
treat myself. Also, taking this pledge I feel is what is best for the animals, the
earth, other humans, and me. I would love to have a vegan meal with you at
another time.
Thank you for your understanding. Included below are some pictures of
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, from the day I pledged my veganism and I have
more. Feel free to ask all the questions you have about anything concerning

veganism, the food animal industry, animals, or sanctuaries. I want you to
understand my decision since it was taken with lots of thought over time and is
so important to me and my happiness. Plus I also feel it is an important part of
my conscious effort to leave the earth in the best condition possible and have
the most compassion for all the inhabitants.
First do no harm (Primum non nocere) and thank you for your understanding,

Lief Youngs,